NI immune system

Upon mention of terrorism and war, the images that come to mind are bloodshed, suffering, and mayhem. National security is the foremost concern of every country-well-trained soldiers, sophisticated weaponry, and state-of-the-art defense mechanisms are in place around the clock to monitor and safeguard the security of the entire country.

Similarly, each one of us is equipped with an internal army that is just as efficient at watching out for invisible enemies at all times. The air we breathe, the food and drinks we consume, and the things we touch every day may seem clean on the surface, but are in fact teeming with all kinds of microbes-bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. These deadly invaders are ready and waiting. They can enter the body in many different ways and catch us off guard. 

Luckily, a sophisticated immune system protects us. The immune army never takes its enemies for granted. An itching throat or watery eyes are subtle signs that the immune system is hard at work. Ironically, perhaps because we do not see it, we often overlook the importance of this army. We think about protecting the heart, liver, skin, and other vital organs, but we rarely take into account the health of the immune system. Only when we fall ill do we start to take notice of the immune system's presence.