NI EEXCEL immune system

Nothing comes close to a healthy immune system at preventing and overcoming diseases or defending the human body against the harmful effects of chronic exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins. However, the remarkable progress of medical science has led to such an overemphasis on the research and development of medicines used to treat diseases that the innate abilities of the world's best doctor, the immune system, are overlooked. Many people believe that a person is considered healthy if no disease symptom has presented itself. This is not entirely correct.

The truth is that many diseases may have existed in the body for a long time before manifesting outward signs and symptoms. A disease sufferer would gradually notice increased fatigue or unusual changes to the way the body behaves. This general sense of feeling weak would already have been experienced by the sufferer long before more serious disease symptoms actually presented themselves. By the time a person feels seriously ill, it is too late for prevention. Therefore, the key to staving off disease is in maintaining the health of the immune system. Each day, we should be diligent in providing the immune system with generous servings of the right nutrients. 

There is a clear relationship between nutritional intake and immune response. The ways in which they influence each other form the basis of Nutritional Immunology. At its core, Nutritional Immunology studies the human immune system and how it defends against attacks from pathogens and foreign substances. Since the discovery of antibiotics, emphasis has been placed on medicines and the treatment of diseases. The amazing powers of the human immune system and the importance of disease prevention have been overlooked. 

The science of Nutritional Immunology is centered on the explicit link between proper nutrition and the health of the immune system. This forms the backbone of research in the field of Nutritional Immunology, which emphasizes the fact that a nutritionally balanced immune system has the power to influence a person's health in a positive way.